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08/05/15 05:06 PM #585    


Marlene Korvela

I won't be able to attend.  My son is in the hospital again....enjoy the day and think of me!




08/06/15 05:18 PM #586    


Dolores Ojeda (Robinson)

Sorry you didn't make it to the Voc. Alumni Potluck Picnic Doug, Marlene and the rest of our class. It was a small, fun group. I did post some photo's on our Face book 1969 page. I also, post a few photo's on my profile. Just look up my name and the pictures are there. I am still learning how to put photo's on on Votech69. site. Hope you enjoy the few pictures I did post. Hope everyone is  doing well. I just found out Randy Kuehne past on 2013. I was very sad to hear that. I went to grade school and junior high with him. I was happy he decided to go to Vocational high after those years.  Take care everyone!

08/07/15 01:06 PM #587    

Kevin Dicks

Sorry, I could make it to picnik, I'm sure it was fun and meeting class mates. Kevin 

08/07/15 02:46 PM #588    


Doug Caple

I keep trying to make events and get to see my oldies but goodies in MPLS.  I will try again soon. My wife wants to summer in Minnesota and Winter in Florida. We shall see how that goes! 


08/08/15 03:05 PM #589    


Dolores Ojeda (Robinson)

Yes Kevin it would of been nice to see you again. Maybe, another year. Doug that is what we will be doing, if we sell our house. Living in Minnesota for summer to fall and Florida the winter months. So, maybe we will  see you guys next year.


09/25/15 05:12 PM #590    


Shirley Grell (Garness)

I have recently been in touch with Rich Chlebecek. Want to let the class know that he was diagnosed over a year ago with Guillian-Barre Syndrom. He is in transitional rehab at Courage Kenney Inst. In Golden Valley. Sounds like he's finishing a long journey to regain his health. He's been most generous with me sharing his story.

10/02/15 06:53 PM #591    


Sandy Durant (Paige)

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been paying much attention, if any, to this wonderful class site!  We had moved last fall and hurt my shoulder and had rotator cuff surgery, ick...  then hurt my hip this spring that ended up with hip replacement surgery in August, so I would not have been able to make the picnic anyway.  What a bummer to get older, though I'm feeling great now and plan on staying that way!!!  Hello to all, hope to see you "sometime".  Sandy Durant Paige

10/03/15 09:20 PM #592    


James Nedry

Hi Sandy and everybody:

Sorry to hear about your aging tribulations Sandy. Glad you are feeling better. We are in the middle of a move from Texas to Oregon but I am hoping to make it to another get together in the coming year. Hope all are well and I am looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

10/03/15 09:23 PM #593    


James Nedry

Forgot to say, Hey Carlson I love that picture. What happened to that clean-cut all american looking boy in school?

10/04/15 04:35 PM #594    


Jean Menning (Austin)

James, I like the way you stated "ageing tribulations" I am having a few of my own which at our age is bound to happen. Hope all of us are doing the best we can possibly do.

10/04/15 08:37 PM #595    


Sandy Durant (Paige)

Haha, for sure you have to joke about stuff that happens in your 60's cause it's not the 1960's anymore is it!?! no

James, I'm excited for your move to Oregon, my husband and I love the Pacific NW and it sure beats Texas haha.  Good luck hope to connect one of these days.

10/04/15 09:08 PM #596    


Bruce Carlson


Hey James.

My personality took a hard left turn some years ago.  Results are what you see.


10/04/15 10:21 PM #597    


James Nedry

Likewise Sandy. would love to meet up with you in the near future.

Bruce: I love what you are doing, I don;t have the nerve to do it. I hope we can get together in the near future also.

All my best to all my Vocational classmates.

10/05/15 10:00 AM #598    


Vincent Deschene

Dear Bruce,  We'll all be praying for you.   surprise  We also had a barber shop at the prison before I retired from there.  yes

03/06/16 12:14 PM #599    


Dolores Ojeda (Robinson)

We all should be turning 65 this year. How  about celebrating at Medina.  Just something fun to do.  So far a few of us are going.


03/06/16 02:20 PM #600    


Anthony Zelazny

Hey Dolly,

Sounds like a fabulous idea! Miss the occasional "catch up' get togethers we'd had.

Can I still come if I'm NOT 65?? Haha

As far as the "aging tribulations", I had knee replacement, BUT, we're keeping up with the Polka dancing. 

FYI, amazing how many 80+ are still out there on the floor. I hope I can be one of them when I grow up.

Will watch for more info on the Medina Party. (group reservation, whose attending, etc.)

Till then, Tony Z.

03/07/16 09:21 PM #601    


Dolores Ojeda (Robinson)

Tony: So, your knee is better? Yes, just a few of us so far are plan on going. Should be fun. It would be nice to see you. I think Cheryl, Helen, Shirley and her husband Bruce so far. Oh, and  Wayne Witherow will be joining us. I am not trying to make a big reunion out of this. Just would be fun to see a few of us, if interested.  Take care, Dolly


03/10/16 07:15 PM #602    


Alyss Olson

The "MEDICARE AGE" get together at Medina sounds like fun!

05/11/16 12:06 AM #603    


Bruce Carlson

My wife Ellen and I are looking forward to the back to the fifties at Medina this weekend. 

It would be nice to see some classmates from Voc. I'm not 65 yet, but will be Sunday. Close enough?

05/11/16 12:02 PM #604    


Ronald Gehl

  Hi everyone! I will be back in minneapolis in june for the back to the 50's car show the weekend of 6/17. (I live south of Seattle). I will be there for a couple days on either side of that date. I would like to meet up with some of you guys for lunch, dinner, or whatever you think of.


05/12/16 04:48 PM #605    


Billie Stevenson (Evenson)

Ron when you have a specific date let us know we will try to get something going!

Doug Caple will also be back that weekend for the car show....who know maybe we can all meet there!

12/31/16 01:26 PM #606    


James Nedry

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! We moved from Texas to Bend Oregon in October 2015. If any of you are ever in this area and want to get together give me a call at (805) 451-2590. Be safe tonight.

07/20/17 04:07 PM #607    


Dolores Ojeda (Robinson)

2017 All Class Picnic Aug. 3rd. Minnehaha Regional Park. Wabun Picnic Area Shelter D (East of Falls)

10-3pm. (lunch served at 11:30) Please bring a dish to share and beverage. Picnic is sheltered and will be held rain or shine. Committee will provide the shelter, music, coffee, and paper products. We are asking for a suggested donation of only $5.00 per person to help defray the costs. Hope to see more of our class of 1969 there. smiley

04/26/18 01:27 PM #608    


Billie Stevenson (Evenson)

So sorry everyone getting ahead of myself. we are planning for august in 2019. sorry

09/03/18 09:09 AM #609    


Shirley Grell (Garness)

I was today able to reach the site by going to it thru an email notification... 


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